Saturday, April 23, 2016

Last Day in Costa Rica

Its hard to believe we are sitting in the airport waiting to board our flight home. Last night we had a great dinner up in the mountains overlooking the city of San Jose. We then got to see a great dance show where some of the students got to participate. Here is our last group photo with our amazing tour guide Jose.

Our view of San Jose from dinner!

Student reflections 

Hola all you chilies out there! This week was a very fun, eventful, and also a great bonding experience for all of mas amigos y yo. With all of the fun activities that we have done my favorite would have been everything. I am so happy that we were fortunate enough to go on such an amazing trip with such amazing people.  We have had some very funny moments! Tonight (our final night) we had a lot of fun at this very traditional restaurant with people dancing and playing music from their culture. Within the dancing the people brought some of the students up to dance with them. Sadly I wasn't one of them, but it was fun to watch. Early today when we went zip lining Hannah, Abby, Julianna, Isabella (not me), Owen, and Katie all got stuck. Oh no! While Hannah got the record of being stuck three times Owen got hat hair. We also did a flip into the zip lines and got a lot of souvenirs! I will miss Costa Rica but I will especially miss the nice people and the fun cliff diving experience.

See you guys all tomorrow!

-Bella Naumann

Julianna N

Today we had a lot of fun. We went zip lining in the jungle. First there was a few practice ones, then there were a lot of big ones that were really exciting. Izzy was really funny she had a dream the night before, that we were on the zip line and we all fell and died. It came But she over came her dream and had a lot of fun.  There were 15 lines 5 practice that were really short, but scary at first. On the 5 one it was really big and people were getting stuck so the guy went down with me and we were going and her started spinning me and Mrs. Aiello said my feet were flying everywhere and Ms. Mahoney said I looked like one of those spinning, wind up fairies. A lot of us got stuck and did flips and 360s. Then on the car ride home we had a sing along and got yelled at by Mr. Walsh many times. Later we want to dinner, listened to Katie's stories and watched people dance. We are all really sad to go home and had so much fun on the trip.

Tyler H

This vacation in total was the best. From white water rafting to zip lining to my personal favorite the hot springs. There were many things that we were able to experience in terms of food culture and economy. Like eating beans, rice, tacos and so much more. Even seeing all of the types of animals like monkeys and sloths or being able to go through the wilderness like when we went zip lining through the jungle down a mountain. Everyone got very close together and I believe that we have taken many of the wonders of Costa Rica along with its past and its present  and remember it along with all of our fun adventures.

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  1. Great to see the Costa Rica trip continuing! I enjoyed reading the student reflections - it sounds like you all had a great group and a fantastic trip this year. Pura vida!
    - Mr. Barnett